11 Amazing Camera Hacks That You Can Utilize Anywhere

Camera hacks are things that people are always looking for.

Why? Because they can make out lives much easier when we’re using a camera.

And camera equipment definitely isn’t cheap by any means so it’s nice when you can use some hacks that could potentially save you hundreds of dollars in the end.

If you just have a camera then you are more than equipped to use all of the camera hacks you’re about to read about.

11 Camera Hacks

Now when I say camera hacks, I don’t mean hacking into your camera to unlock hidden features on it.

I mean hacks as in different ways you can utilize what you have around you to get the most out of your camera.

A lot of people believe that you need to have the best equipment to always get the right shots. That simply isn’t true.

You don’t need to have a bunch of different camera equipment. You don’t need to have thousands and thousands of dollars worth of gizmos and gadgets for your camera.

Will they make your life easier? Probably.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the same type of effects with your camera without them.

Below, you’re going to see 11 different camera hacks that anybody can utilize to get the most out of their camera when they don’t have that much equipment to use.

Use Memory Card Holder as a Filter

camera hacks w/ memory card

If you’re looking to try and add some cool filters over your photos but don’t want to add in any special effects in the editing process to achieve them, then something you can do is use your memory card holder as a filter.

A lot of memory card filters aren’t completely transparent.

You’ll still be able to see through them but they will add a cool looking effect to your image.

They will add a bit of a dreamy look to your photos. If this is something you’re looking to achieve then all you need to do is set up your scene correctly and the rest is easy.

Just place the holder in front of your lens before you press the shutter button.

Now you have your own handheld dream filter that you can use for any photo.

Use Foil as Your Background

camera hacks with foil

Sometimes the hardest part of any scene that you create is the background.

Everything else might be set up perfectly. Good subject. Nice complementary elements.

But something about the background is off.

If you intend to have a lot of bokeh in your images, then you should give tinfoil a try.

Using tinfoil can create a beautiful background.

I would recommend crumbling up the tinfoil first. You don’t want a flat piece of tinfoil mostly because it’s going to reflect a lot of light.

And if you’re inside using artificial light then this could completely ruin your image.

The crumbled piece of foil won’t reflect nearly as much but it will have enough shine so that you can have a solid foreground with a background that stands out as well.

Use Camera Strap as a Gimbal

Like I said before, camera equipment isn’t cheap, so gimbals are no exception to this.

Gimbals are a very useful piece of equipment though. They allow you a lot of freedom with your camera movements without you getting that pesky camera shake that can ruin a lot of shots.

But since all of us don’t have a gimbal, the next best thing you can do is use your camera strap.

A camera strap can act as a great gimbal.

Now, you won’t get all the versatility as a gimbal but you can get away with a lot of different shots with this hack.

Just wrap your strap around your camera or part of the lens, depending on the size of everything, and have the rest of the strap just hanging so that you can have a lot of movement.

You will have a stabilized shot for the most part.

This isn’t the perfect gimbal but it definitely helps you get the job done when you need it.

Use a Strainer to Create Patterns with Lights

camera hacks with strainer

Everyone has a strainer right?

Whether you make pasta or use one to rinse fruits and vegetables, we all have some sort of strainer in our homes.

These kitchen utensils are great for adding more effects to your photos.

A regular photo can be good but when you place a strainer between the subject and the light source, then you’re going to have a photo that is automatically much more dynamic.

Your photo will stand out more.

It doesn’t even matter what the pattern is of the strainer, you’re going to be able to tell that there’s just something different about the photo.

More often than not, it’ll look better than is you didn’t use a strainer.

You can’t properly utilize this hack unless you have great lighting. So using something like the Aputure LS C120d will ensure that you properly utilize this hack.

Use Camera Strap as a Stabilizer

Going back to the camera strap.

It also acts as a wonderful stabilizer. It’s honestly never easy to hold your camera still when you’re using it handheld.

No matter how steady you think you’re holding the camera, it’s going to be slightly shaky a lot of the time.

So, using your camera strap as a stabilizer is going to help you immensely.

All you need to do is have the strap around your neck and hold your camera out so there’s no slack in the strap.

This is going to limit the amount of free movement that the camera can make. For the most part, your camera is going to stay on the same plane and this is going to allow you have much more stabilized footage in the end.

Use a Towel as a Slider

This hack is very simple and can easily save you hundreds of dollars.

Using a towel as a slider is very easy and extremely effective.

Sometimes you need a sliding shot to really help your footage.

But if you don’t have a slider then you need to improvise and a towel is the perfect way to improvise.

All you need to do is place your camera on top of the towel. Then when you’re ready to start sliding, drag the towel.

If your camera is in a good position on the towel then when you move the towel, it shouldn’t move at all. So, you should have stabile footage no matter what.

Use a Chair as a Dolly

The limitation to using a towel as a slider is that towels don’t slide very well on every surface.

No worries, this is when rolling chairs come in to save the day.

When you can’t use a towel as a slider your next best option is going to be a chair.

A rolling chair has more versatility simply because it can go over more surfaces with ease.

The only problem I experience with using the chair as a dolly is that the footage may not be nearly as stable.

The chair is bigger than the towel and when you’re using something that’s a little bigger, the chances of problems will increase.

But that shouldn’t take away from this hack. It still works wonders when used effectively.

Use a Ziplock Bag to Create Filters

camera hacks with ziplock bag

We’re back to creating your own filters.

And doing this is as easy as grabbing a ziplock bag.

You can place your lens through the bag without harming the lens at all.

To get a cool filter effect, all you need to do is take some markers and scribble on the bag. This could really save you some time when it comes to editing.

If you want a specific look then all you need to help that process is color your bag the way you want.

Use Reflection on Your Phone for Photos

camera hacks with reflection

Your phone is good for more than just taking up a lot of your time.

You can use it to help enhance your photos.

Your phone screen, when it’s completely black, will have a good reflection that you can use to get cool effects in your photos.

If you hold your phone close to your lens, you can angle it exactly how you want to get the effect you want out of this hack.

I personally find reflection photos to be very unique and interesting and if you use this hack to your advantage then you’re not going to have any issues creating great photos.

Shoot Through Objects

camera hacks with objects

When it comes to photography, we want to be able to create as much depth as possible in our pictures.

One way to do this is to shoot through objects.

Shooting through objects is going to allow you to have a clear separation between the foreground and the subject.

When you have that clear separation, you’re going to have a lot more depth in your photos.

And when you have more depth, you’re going to see that you have a more aesthetically pleasing photo.

Use Chair to Create a Top Down Tripod

camera hacks with chair

Utilizing your chair again but this time you’re going to use it as a top down tripod.

Not every tripod you use is going to be able to provide you with a good straight down or top down angle.

These angles are sometimes hard to achieve but if you use your chair then you’re more than likely going to be able to get that exact top down look that you want.

Just lay a tripod down on your chair and you’ll get that top down look.

Camera Hacks You Can Use Wherever

Now I hope you can assume that all of these hacks are going to be perfection but they are going to be pretty close.

And when you start using these hacks, you should be able not see that you don’t need to have expensive equipment to get certain looks or effects out of your camera.

And the more you use these hacks, the more you’re going to be able to build off them and maybe create better versions of these hacks.

Knowing all of these hacks isn’t going to be very useful if you don’t know how to take a proper picture. So knowing how to take a good picture with any camera is going to take you a long way along with these hacks.