Fun Fall Picture Ideas

Fall is the best season for taking pictures in my opinion.


The colors!

Of course, I’m assuming you live in a place that has some change of colors. If not that doesn’t mean you’ll miss out as you will soon see.

Another great reason to take Fall pictures is because the weather is nice enough to be outside longer without being uncomfortable.

I always want to take pictures in the Summer but when it’s 110 degrees outside that makes it a bit difficult.

I don’t have that problem in the Fall.

Plus, you have way more outfit choices in the Fall!

fall outfit fashion photo ideas

Before I go any further and show you more awesome pictures I have a confession to make.

I live in the desert.

I don’t have fancy leaves all around me.

For that reason all of the pictures that you see in this post are stock images.

When Fall does roll around I’ll be sure to take some Fall desert photos and add them to this post just in case you aren’t in a tree wonderland like I’m not.

With that being said, let’s continue.

Fun Fall Picture Ideas

Before we begin I don’t want you to think that you’re always limited by your camera.

While most of these pictures are using lenses on cameras that allow bokeh in the foreground and background, don’t hesitate to whip your phone out and start snapping pics.

As they say, the best camera you have is the one that is available to you right now.

Got it?

Let’s start with what seems to be the most popular style of Fall picture, the kids in the leaves.

Kid in Leaves

Fall picture ideas with child in the leaves

Before you attempt a picture like this you might want to check the leaves for bugs. This little girl seems pretty happy but when she goes to bed and can’t stop itching she’s going to be pretty upset with her parents for making her go through with this.

What makes a photo like this work well is the use of depth. Notice how the leaves in the foreground and the trees and the background are blurred out?

That allows you to focus on the little girl. Without the blurriness this picture would be visually complicated because there is too much going on.

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible to achieve this effect on your phone. Yes there are apps that will blur out the background, but the foreground as well?

Pretty difficult.

Kids playing in leaves for Fall pictures

This effect with the leaves is a bit harder because no way are those two little kids throwing up those many leaves.

What you can do is set your camera on a timer and throw the leaves up yourself.

An easier method might be to (assuming your camera has this capability) take remote photos using your phone as the remote.

What I like about this picture is the use of light with the Sun hitting at just the right angle.

Some people are worried about having their camera face the Sun but you can use it to your advantage when need be.

Have it shine through the trees and you’ll be amazed at the light you get.

Fall picture idea with little girl playing in leaves
Fall picture idea with little girl playing in leaves

These pictures are a bit easier to take because you’re asking the girl to throw up a couple of leaves. While the background is blurred out, in this case it wouldn’t be necessary because there is natural depth ocurring and her color contrast with the background.

In fact, the blurry tree kind of acts as a distraction to me in this case.

To catch the movement of the leaves you’d want to keep an eye on shutter speed.

Baby with leaf crown

This might be my favorite photo of all not because of the technical aspects but simply because of the leaf crown.

Whoever made that deserves an award and props to that baby girl for having the patience to keep it on so someone could take a photograph.

So now you kind of get the gist of taking photos of kids in leaves.

Have them act natural.

Throw leaves around. Kick leaves around. Run around in the leaves.

Just be a kid and have fun.

Oh, let me share one more before we move onto the next set of photos.

kid on swing with leaves

Amazing what some nice lighting and photo editing can achieve.

A Woman and Her Leaf

Quite a silly headline, right?

Well you won’t think it’s silly anymore when you see these.

Fall picture ideas

Obviously, a simple concept to replicate but you want to make sure the subject is centered in the frame. If they aren’t, like in the picture above, then you can crop the photo to make it a reality.

Fall picture idea against a wall

This photo works for two reasons:

  1. The awesome color of the background
  2. The monotone outfit

The background doesn’t work unless the subject has a monotone outfit.

The contrasting colors create depth where there really isn’t any as she standing very close to the background.

It’s also great that the leaves are yellow to offer a bit more contrast.

And see how powerful an image can be when you center the subject?

A Woman and Her Leaves

I put both of these images up so you can decide which one you think works best. There is no harm in trying them both but one definitely stands out as a favorite to me.

No, I’m not going to tell you which one.

You must become your own creative photographer.

Fall picture ideas in a park
Fall picture ideas in a park

If kids are allowed to throw leaves up in the air for photographs then so can adults.

Family Fall Picture Ideas

Time to bring in more people for these pictures.

Family Fall picture ideas
Family Fall picture ideas in the park

At this point, you have to wonder if the leaves just want to be left alone.

But notice the background in both of the pictures. That’s the great thing about Fall.

You’re almost always going to have stunning colors to work with if you get trees in the background.

They can easily make the picture for you.

Fall Family Picture idea of family in a field.

I mean you have a lot of great things working here.

  1. Sunset
  2. Mountains
  3. Field
  4. A family about to fly away

If you ever have an opportunity to get those four elements in a shot, then you have to take the shot.

Okay, enough with the humans for a bit. I think we need to move to still life because it deserves a chance at some photo love as well.

Still Life Fall Picture Ideas

flat lay Fall picture idea
food photography Fall picture idea
Pumpkin soup in an open pumpkin on a wooden table
Pumpkins Fall picture ideas

You can grab some great Autumn pieces at the store that make for a great photos.

Not much else to say about these pictures. Grab lots of colors, throw in textures for the picture, spread them around and you have yourself a gorgeous shot.

It would be silly of us to forget about Halloween, right?

Halloween Picture Ideas

Kids Halloween picture ideas
Halloween costume picture idea

These pictures are assuming you’re good with the make up. If you’re going to take Halloween pictures that you actually want to go up in a museum then you need to consider the lighting and the feeling that you want to convey.

While all of the other pictures before this had bright backgrounds, that’s not what Halloween is about.

Dark backgrounds mixed with the right lighting on your subject will make any Halloween photo shine.

Props also come in handy here.

More Autumn Picture Ideas

Autumn Picture Ideas Never Run Dry

As you can see you have a ton of options when it comes to picture ideas for the Fall.

The leaves, weather, and colors really aid in making almost any photographer look like a genius so don’t hesitate to use them all to your disposal.