8 iPhone Photography Tips for Beginners

When comes to iPhones, the camera is continually being upgraded and improved.

The quality of photos you can take with an iPhone is so good that you really don’t need to spend money on an expensive camera anymore.

It’s crazy to think that with a few tips, you can use your iPhone to take the same quality photos as somebody that has a camera that costs $5,000.

Photography tips can take you so far when it comes to the quality of photos that you take. Even the smallest of tips and adjustments can really help improve the quality of your photos.

When you take better photos, you’re going to feel as though you’re a professional photographer that isn’t getting paid.

iPhone Photography Tips

Assuming you know the basics of how to actually use your iPhone to take pictures, the following tips are going to be something you can use to make your pictures pop.

If you don’t know all of the basics with your iPhone camera, here are some settings you need to understand.

You’re going to be taking pictures that people are going to want to use as their lock screen background.

You won’t be ashamed of any pictures you have on your camera roll.

Everything you take a picture of is going to be worthy of a social media post.

All it takes is knowing and implementing some tips to take your photography to the next level.

Keep it Simple

Sometimes where people go wrong with the pictures they want to take is that they’re too complicated.

There’s too much distraction in the picture itself.

Keep things simple. Sometimes simple is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Having a simple picture means that everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to be looking at.

When you have too much going on in a picture, your eyes get confused and can’t lock in on one specific thing.

The simplicity of your pictures will come down to the composition of it. When you have the right composition, you will see the simplicity.

This doesn’t mean that the picture is lacking anything, it just means that it’s getting straight to the point and you know exactly what you’re looking at.

Using dead space is one of the best ways to keep things simple. This is when you have a subject with a very plain background. There are no elements in the background that distract your eyes.

For example, taking a picture of a flower pot with a red brick wall behind it. Your focus is going to be on the flower pot and you have a background that isn’t going to distract you from the subject matter.

Use Symmetry

As humans, we like it when we see things that are symmetrical.

The “most attractive” people on this planet are shown to have the most symmetrical faces.

So using symmetry in your photos is a good way to make a very solid image that most people are going to enjoy no matter what the subject is.

It doesn’t matter how you take the picture, whether you’re in landscape or portrait mode. If you have an equal balance everywhere in the photo, it’s going to be pleasing to the eyes.

When you give people a sense of satisfaction when they look at your pictures then you know you’re on the right track.

Use Different Angles

A lot of beginners of photography like to just stay very head on with their photos.

Don’t be scared to venture out of your comfort zone with this.

Take pictures from different angles. Doing this will really show your audience a different perspective.

Low angle shots are particularly great at showing how big the world actually is around you.

High angle shots are good because they show the subject as being smaller and they increase the depth of your photo.

Play around with different angles. You may be surprised at how different some pictures will look just because you took it at a different angle.

The subject could be the same but just because you showed a different perspective, you get something that could look entirely different.

Show Depth

Depth was mentioned above and that’s a great way to improve on any photo you’re taking.

You want your pictures to look like there is actually a place to go. Almost like a 3-D image.

Taking a picture that’s flat is just bland. Showing depth will actually show the viewer a scene.

A good way to actually show depth in any picture you take is to show the ground in the picture.

Showing the ground actually makes any picture seem bigger. It shows that there is actually some distance between you and the subject.

Utilize Shadows

Using shadows will help you create some amazing abstract pictures.

Including both the subject and it’s shadow can do something like adding depth to your picture.

Again, when you have depth your picture is going to pop much more than it would if your imagine looked like a flat picture.

You may get surprised at how great of a picture you can get from snapping photos of just shadows and the amazing patterns they create.

Utilize the Volume Button

When you’re on the iPhone, you know that you have to press the shutter button to take the picture. The picture will not be taken until you release your finger.

This could create a problem. You could possibly have a little bit of camera shake occurring. When the camera shake happens, you’re going to have a picture that has a little bit of blur or isn’t necessarily straight.

To fix this, you can use the volume button. What does this do?

Pressing the volume button will actually take the picture. Utilize the volume button instead of tapping the screen.

Burst Mode

If you want to take something like an action shot, you can utilize burst mode.

You can do this by doing a tap and hold on the shutter button.

When you do this, you can take 10 shots per second. So, if you hold the shutter button for 3 seconds, you’ll have 30 different pictures to look at.

This is best if you want to capture something that’s fast-moving. You can also use it capture special moments with your children while they’re out playing.

High Dynamic Range

Making sure that HDR mode is on for your camera is going to be able to improve your pictures.

HDR mode is going to properly expose your photos almost every single time. This is going to minimize the amount of editing you actually have to do.

You won’t feel obligated to spend money on any editing apps.

iPhone Photos You Can Take

Using your iPhone for photography can be just as good as pictures taken with an expensive camera.

Properly utilizing your surroundings and natural light can help you feel like a professional photographer. Mostly because lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography. So it’s important to truly understand lighting.

You’re going to be amazed at how great some of the photos are.

The only way to get these perfect pictures is to actually practice using your iPhone. Don’t be scared to mess around with some of the settings as well.

There are a lot of different picture modes that you can use as well.

Once you feel like you’ve mastered these camera modes, you’ll look back at your other pictures and see how much you’ve actually improved over a short period of time.