4 Amazing Reasons for Jump Cuts

A jump cut is an editing technique that you’ve definitely seen somewhere before.

You may not have recognized what it was but you’ve seen it.

Jump cuts are transitions where there’s a sudden change in the frame.

For example, if I’m standing on the right side of the frame and I’m explaining something to you then out of nowhere I then appear on the left side of the frame, seemingly without missing a beat in my speaking, that’s a jump cut.

Sometimes there are reasons for jump cuts.

It’s a very popular technique that’s used on YouTube.

However, there are a lot of people out there that are completely against it.

Mostly because it strays away from the traditional way videos are edited.

It’s not always great to see an abrupt transition. When you think of transitions when it comes to editing your videos, you’re going to think of something that’s smooth.

Jump cuts aren’t going to be considered smooth.

There are some occasions where the jump cut is useful and looks seamless, but that’s rarely the case.

Why Jump Cut?

Even though there are a ton of people that will always be opposed to using jump cuts, there are going to be times when it should be used.

But what are the reasons for using a jump cut?

You don’t want to just add a random jump cut in the middle of your videos.

When you use a jump cut, you want it to make sense and not throw off your audience entirely.

Because jump cuts can seem so abrupt at times, they could very well throw your audience off and possibly confuse them. This is why you need to make sure that your jump cuts make sense.

Below you’re going to see reasons for jump cuts.

So for the people that tell you they are against jump cuts, you can explain why jump cuts are used from time to time.

Cuts Out Awkward Pauses

reasons for jump cuts

It’s extremely rare for you to have a smooth take on your videos from start to finish.

If you’re able to talk in front of a camera for 10+ minutes without stumbling over any words then good for you.

However, for a vast majority of people, this isn’t going to happen.

There are going to be times where you stumble and have a few pauses when you’re speaking.

Now, when it comes to your actual video, having long and awkward pauses aren’t going to be very appealing. They will definitely take away from the overall quality of your video.

Using a jump cut will help you take out those long and awkward pauses. They can take away from the pauses that you may naturally have when you’re talking.

This allows the dialogue of your video to flow much better than it would.

Something important to remember is that the content of your video is more important than the visuals anyway.

So using a jump cut to make sure the flow of the content is good is something that will only help your videos.

Allows for More Emphasis

It’s always nice when you can do subtle things that make a simple statement have much more emphasis.

Using a jump cut for this is great.

That sudden change in the picture can be slightly jarring but also prove to your audience that the point you’re trying to make is important.

When you time the jump cut just right, you’ll be putting much more emphasis on your point.

You don’t have to yell to really put more emphasis on your point. You can definitely do something like a jump cut.

That way you don’t have to kill your audience’s eardrums by yelling.

You’ll be surprised how much more emphasis you can get with your words just by using a jump cut.

If it’s something you’ve never used before then it could take a bit of practice to actually get the timing of everything just right.

Using the jump cut too soon will take away from the emphasis you want to have with your words. Use it too late and there will be an awkward pause that will also take away from the emphasis you’re trying to have.

Can Make Things More Personable on Youtube

YouTube is the place where you’re probably going to see a ton of jump cuts.

You’ll rarely see it in other places like in theaters. This is because when you’re telling a story through a 90-minute movie you won’t really need to utilize jump cuts.

You have more time to actually develop the story.

When you’re on YouTube, you’re more than likely on a much shorter time schedule so you won’t have as much time to get through every shot or plan a smooth transition between shots.

Jump cuts are sometimes almost necessary on YouTube. This isn’t going to be bad by any means though.

This could make your videos seem much more relatable.

People are going to understand that the dynamic of YouTube is to be more personable. You’re actually speaking directly to your audience.

Because you’re actually speaking directly to your audience, you’re automatically making things more personable.

The jump cuts that you place into a video on this platform will add to that personable feel.

This point may not make that much sense, but it always allows you to connect better with your audience.

Allows for More Movement Without a Traditional Transition

In most videos that you see, if the subject moves from one side of the screen to the other, you either need to see the subject walking across the screen, or you need to change camera angles.

A lot of us don’t have the luxury of actually having multiple cameras to change angles seamlessly.

This would actually be one of the easiest ways for you to show some movement through a video without actually showing the subject moving.

Using a jump cut can allow you to move a subject from one side of the screen to the other in a split second. You won’t need to change angles or actually show the subject walking around.

If you want the movement to happen, you can just use a jump cut.

You can jump anywhere on the screen you want. It makes the movements faster and can help with the point of adding more emphasis when you’re speaking.

Jump Around

Even though you may hear a lot about how jump cuts aren’t the best thing to use, you shouldn’t shy away from them.

If you’re only using a platform like YouTube, jump cuts are going to be more than acceptable.

If you’re trying to do something like an actual, full-length film, then maybe you should stay away from the jump cuts.

However, you might still be able to utilize the jump cut. If you can keep these reasons in mind, then a jump cut could be more than useful for you no matter what type of film you’re making.

You need to be careful with jump cuts though. They could easily be overused and become too jarring for your audience.

You also need to make sure that you use them at the proper times. Use them at the wrong times and the dialogue just won’t make sense.

These are all things that you’ll learn with experience. So get out there and practice your jump cuts and become a jump cut expert.

If you feel like jump cuts aren’t going to be your thing, there are ways to hide jump cuts.