Get better at social every weekday


There is a happy place on social media but not too many people get to experience it.

In this place, people are having discussions with other like-minded people and building strong relationships. You might not think that place exists, but it does.

But you shouldn’t go looking for it. You should create it.

At some point, the marketers flew in and decided that everything that was ever done on social media had to lead to a conversion. There was no place for relationships because relationships can’t be measured.

The platforms caught wind of this so they decided to add numbers.

Likes, favorites, reposts, comments, follows.

All things that make you think that is what is important for you and your business.

But when you take a step back and look at the real numbers. The ones that truly drive your business, what do you find?

True Fans.

The people who continue to show up for you because they see the world the way you do. The people who understand you can help take them to the place they always wanted to go.

The people who see things through the lens of relationships instead of conversions.

If you dare to capture the attention of your audience then it’s time you focus on relationships over conversions.